why bartending is trending in the gig economy

By Toronto Bar School, 8/19/2023

Bartending is the perfect side-hustle for anyone looking to tap into the growing gig economy, we’d even go further and say that it’s your best option period if you’re serious about tapping into its potential.

That’s are two main things that people are looking for in a side gig- strong earning potential and flexibility. That also happens to be exactly what working events for Toronto Bar School looks like.

You never have to worry about conflicts with your day job, because you pick and choose the events you want to work and when you’re available.

This is what makes bartending such a great fit for the gig economy when you’re working events. The hours are flexible, you have the opportunity to network with interesting people, you can make great money and you have the chance to develop skills that are easily transferable for use in other areas of your life.

Those are hard facts. Bartending pays well.

With the rapid rise in inflation over the last few years it has reduced earning power. Grocery bills have doubled and don’t even get me started on the price at the pumps!

A side gig that fits into your busy schedule can provide the relief you need to stop stressing and start living.

Having a way to make some extra money has become a necessity for many hard working people with full time jobs. If nothing else, it might finally help you get caught up on that credit card bills.

Bartending isn’t for everyone.

It’s NOT as ‘seen on TV’. It can be stressful. Nothing behind it is particularly difficult, but with enough volume, simple things can become difficult. Not everyone is ‘cut out’ to handle the pressure though.

You do have a lot of flexibility, but that doesn’t mean you can choose not to show up after committing to an event. That will harm your reputation and prospects, so if you know you’ll have trouble committing, Toronto Bar School is probably not for you.

If you’re reliable and ready to learn skills that will help you grow and 10x your earning potential, then we can help with that.

With our hands-on approach you’ll be learning the secrets of mixology in real situations- not filling up glasses with water and food coloring in a stagnant classroom environment. That won’t help you succeed and excel as a bartender.

Our approach will help you consistently earn that extra cash you need to pay the bills and make it works as a side job for you. 

There’s no doubt that bartending is trending in the gig economy and choosing to learn the ropes with us is a great decision for you.

Let’s go a little deeper into why becoming a mixologist is such a great fir for anyone serious about taking advantage of the growing flexibility in today’s job market.

why bartending is appealing for gig workers

The main reason that bartending is so appealing for gig workers is simple. It ticks all of the boxes they’re looking for. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Flexible Hours
  • Full control over your schedule
  • Zero conflicts with your 9 to 5
  • Powerful earning potential
  • Great networking opportunities

It also happens to be a great time to jump into the gig economy, because opportunities are growing year over year. Between 2005 and 2016 the share of gig workers in the Canadian economy went from 5.5% to 8.2%.

In America, gig workers make up more than 16% of the economy and globally those figures are even higher, with some estimates suggesting almost half the world’s population is involved with some sort of freelance side gig.

If you’re not part of the gig economy you’re going to get left behind.

Don’t worry, we have your entrance ticket.

The opportunities in the GTA for freelance event work are expanding and our team is a big part of it.

The reason for this growth?

Let’s explore further.

Flexibility and Schedule Control

Living our best life is a goal most of us share. For that to happen our earning potential has to match our ambition.

The flexible nature of working events through Toronto Bar School means you pick and choose hours to fit your availability, but you still have huge earning potential.

You can take on as much work as you feel you can fit into your schedule.

That’s right. Keep your 9 to 5 and earn around it.

The bottom line is you’re in complete control. It’s an extra source of income in addition to what you make from your day job and that’s the upside of finding a strong and profitable niche like bartending in the gig economy.

The earning potential is huge!

Flexibility and schedule control aren’t the only benefits of choosing mixology as a way to earn extra money through.

There’s more.

Variety in Your Work Environment 

Bartending at different events every weekend means there’s always verity in your work environment. It keeps things interesting and we all know variety is the spice of life right?

Toronto Bar School graduates meet tons of interesting people as they being to work paying gigs.

You’d be surprised at the amazing contacts that will cross your path working an event in a Saturday night!

Each gig is a little different and you meet new people at each one of them. That means plenty of networking opportunities.

There’s also a much risk of burnout when you’re not doing the same thing over and over again. There’s always a new challenge and a new adventure.

No two events are the same – this isn’t assembly line work!

Earn Big and Save

Perhaps the biggest reason that bartending is one of the best options for gig workers is because you’re always rewarded for your hard work and expertise as a mixologist.

The better you are, the more money you will make.

We don’t have any room for passengers at Toronto Bar School!

There is no ceiling other than your own abilities.

It’s also easier to save towards your goals if you’re bartending on weekends.

Instead of spending on a Saturday night you’re earning, but you still get to be at the best events socializing and networking. You’re just on the other side of the bar while you do it.

learning invaluable skills for the gig economy

Even if you decide in a couple of years that you want to try  something different, the skills you’ll learn while bartending at Toronto Bar School events will help you succeed at whatever you choose to do.

You’re going to come out of this a better version of you.

It makes sense when you look at all the know-how you’ll pick up along the way. The list below sums it up nicely:

  • You’ll become a bartending and mixology expert
  • It helps you improve your customer service and interpersonal skills
  • Working in a fast paced environment won’t phase you
  • You’ll have access to the knowledge and life skills of great mentors

with Toronto Bar School you get the best of both worlds.

You have full access to the gig economy, but you don’t have to do the leg work to find events – we do that for you.

It’s just extra money on top of your full time job without the stress of wondering where the next gig is going to come from.

Everything else you’ll pick up along the way is a nice added bonus.

That’s about as good as it gets!


Start your mixology journey today

Simply put, bartending at weekend events is the ideal way to take advantage of the huge potential in the gig economy.

The sooner you get started on your professional mixology journey, the sooner you can stop worrying about keeping up with the bills and start earning.

It’s not an easy side hustle.

Bartending at events is hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun if you’re good at it and the earning potential is astronomical.

If you’re reliable, not afraid to work hard and you can handle pressure with a smile on your face, then Toronto Bar School can help.

Stop thinking about it.

Now that you know why bartending is trending in the gig economy it’s time to get off the fence. Let’s go!

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