Toronto bar school vs classroom mixology: which is the real deal?

By Toronto Bar School, 3/28/2023

If you’ve been scrolling through social media recently, chances are you’ve been bombarded with a stress pitch or two for a classroom based bartender training program.

For anyone looking for a lucrative side hustle to help pay the bills they might seem like a great option, but are they?

Do they deliver and can they set you up for success in the real world?

We think there’s a better way to learn to bartend and that’s why we created Toronto Bar School.

Our approach gets you results faster.

It gets you bartending sooner and that means making money to fight inflation, deal with rising rent costs and the never ending increases in food prices. You’ll spend less time in the classroom and more time earning.

So what is the difference between our approach and traditional teaching methods? A direct comparison of Toronto Bar School bs Classroom Mixology will help.

Let’s dive in.


the toronto bar school advantage: a modern approach to training

In a nutshell mixology is the art of mixing cocktails, but it’s also more than that.

It’s how you interact with patrons, it’s how you manage the bar and so much more.

These aren’t things you can ever truly learn in a classroom. Yet they’re essential if you want to earn that extra cash that helps you beat rising costs, save and liv the life you deserve.

When I started bartending at events I ran into a number of bartending peers that had learned their craft in a classroom. One thing stuck me every time – trey weren’t even close to prepared for what the real world of bartending had in store for them.

That’s what gave me the idea to create a bartending training program that broke with the traditional classroom model. I decided to create a program that was more hands-on, training potential bartebders behind a real bar.

If you want to make sure your tip jar is full at the end of every night you work as a bartender you need every edge you can get.

Our students still learn the basics of mixology they’d learn in a standard classroom course, but they also learn the many other aspects that go into becoming a successful bartender that earns the big tips and gratitutes.

There are 3 main advantages of the Toronto Bar School training system:

  • Hands-on Learning
  • A Comprehensive Curriculum
  • Expert Instructors
  • Networking
 Sure, you may get some of these benefits in a classroom course, but there are always glaring gaps as well.
Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of learning mixology in a classroom.

the pros and cons of leavinh mixology in a classroom

While we have no hesitation in saying that hands-on bartender training is the way to go, that doesn’t mean that classroom training doesn’t have its merits – it does. Here are the pros of learning in a classroom setting:

Structure – When you learn in a classroom setting there’s a standard structure and curriculum. The instructors are focused on training you and your classmates. They’re not worried about the many distractions that come with the territory behind a live bar.

Face-to-Face Instruction – Lessons are given face-to-face with detailed explanations of bartending ideology, theory and practices.

Easier pace – Learning behind a bar can be hectic, in a classroom it’s a much easier pace and that can make it easier for some trainees to learn the trade.

If I’m being honest, I struggled to come uo with the pros to learning bartending in a classroom mentioned above. I just don’t think it’s the right way to learn the art of mixology. 

Here are the cons of learning to bartend this way:

  • No Hands-on Experience – How can you truly learn to mix a great cocktail with colored water in a classroom? In our opinion you can’t and that lack of real world hands-on experience is a major drawback of learning mixology in a classroom.
  • Lack of Flexibility – If you’ve ever had a great night out at the bar you’ll know that chaos is often the order of the day – not structure. Learning from a structured curriculum in a rigid setting won’t prepare you for what’s to come when you finally step behind a real bar.
  • Higher Costs – Renting classroom space to teach isn’t cheap. Those costs are passed on to you and that can make classroom based bartending course expensive.
  • Doesn’t Adapt to TrendsIn the world of bartending and social events there are always new trends and new cocktail mixes that are in demand. Classroom courses aren’t quick to keep up with the latest trends in the world of bartending.

Without hands-on experience in bartending and the ability to adapt in a fluid environment you won’t succeed as a bartender. You just won’t.

We developed our training program because we were frustrated with the medicore bartenders being churned out by classroom courses.

At Toronto Bar School you won’t be another medicore bartender when you graduate.

You’ll be an expert mixologists and expert mixologists make more money. That’s what you’re here for right?

comparing costs and value

Are you sitting down?

Good, because we’re about to go over the cost of a classroom based bartending course. If you were thinking along the lines of $400 to $500 we’ve got some bad news for you. The typical bartending course can set you back between $800 to $1000.

All for a course that doesn’t actually prepare you for the everyday things you’ll face when you start bartending for real. Who can afford that in today’s economy with run away inflation eating into every dollar in your pocket?

You’re just not getting value for money.

At Toronto Bar School you gain access to the best hands-on training around, learning from the experts in their field and when you complete the program you’ll already have many hours of live experience behind a bar under your belt.

On the top of that, we’ll hire you to work special private events with out team. You’ll have guaranteed work and you’ll make more while doing it because you’ll be an expert in the art of mixing cocktails and running a busy bar.

All of this for $500. That’s an amazing value for what you get in return.

bottom line: you get what you pay for

The bottom line is this.

When you take a close look at Toronto Bar School vs classroom mixology courses there really is only one right choice.

Our hands-on training system is the best way to prepare yourself for success with bartending as a side hustle.

Better training means more money in your pocket. Sounds goog?

With our approach you get what you pay for – more in fact. There’s far more value in our system than classroom courses can offer.

That small $500 investment you mske will come back to you 10 times over within the first few exclusive live events.

That’s pretty sweet deal by any measure.

your side hustle success is waiting

It’s time to put that strong work ethnic and passion for mixology to use for you.

With our hands-on bartender training course you’ll finally have the extra money you need to start living life the way it should be lived and not paybcheck to paycheck.

Your mixology journey starts now and we can’t wait to be part of your new journey. Click here to sign up for our course and get started today.