top 10 reasons you should start bartending as a side hustle

By Toronto Bar School, 09/17/2023

Looking for the perfect side hustle?

Sure you could try food delivery, tutoring or dog walking, but they all have limitations and they feel, well, like work!

If I told you that you could make tons of extra cash, get to attend exclusive events or weekends and meet interesting people all in a night’s work, how would you feel about that? Probably pretty pumped right? 

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It’s hard work and you need to be committed and willing to hustle, but it’s also a whole lot of fun. 

I’m talking about bartending on weekends of course!

We can teach you the ropes at Toronto Bar School and put you right to work at our own dedicated events.

That’s right, we find the jobs for you from the moment you successfully complete our training program. 

Not quite convinced that the life of a mixologist is for you?

Here are our top 10 reasons you should start bartending as a side hustle today. 

earn extra income

The rapid rise in inflation over the last couple of years has made it hard to stay ahead of the game with just your regular day job. Let’s face it, groceries alone have doubled in price. 

As a bartender on weekends you can quickly make up the difference. If you’re a natural, you can easily make $150 to $200 just in tips alone at every event you work.

flexible work hours to fit your schedule

Our events are exclusively on the weekend. That means you won’t have to worry about it getting in the way of your career. You get to pick your schedule.

We know you’re going to need a weekend off from time to time for life events and we won’t hold it againt you.

This is flexible work on a schedule that fits with yours. We just ask that you show up when yiu do make a commitment for an event.

improve your social skills

Meeting new people is a major upside of being a bartender

You don’t have to be the life of the party to be a good bartender, but you do have to be socialable.

There’s no way around that.

If you’re an introvert and you don’t see that changing any time soon, mixing drinks behind a bar probably isn’t your gig.

Not bothered by crowds and happy to strike up a conversation with strangers? Then bartending can be a great way to work on your social skills. You’ll meet new people at every event and have plenty of opportunities to strike up conversations.

Learn the art of mixology

Did you know that most bartending schools don’t let you work with real drinks as you train? 

Nope, you’ll have the pirivilege of working with colored water that’s meant to represent fancy cocktails.

That’s not the Toronto Bar School way.

We teach you the art of mixology so that by the time you’re finished your training you’ll be a real expert at your craft. There’s a great sense of pride and prestige that comes with being able to tell yor friends and family that you’re a professional mixologist!

a chance to express your creativity

Being a bartender means you get to flex your creative muscles

You know another great thing about being a true mixologist and not just a regular bartender?

You get to tap into your creative side.

Perhaps you can put your own spin on cocktail favorites like the Margarita or maybe even create your own cocktails that the world has never heard of before. Wow your patrons with your tasty concoctions and watch that tip jar fill up!

tons of networking opportunities

We have a busy schedule at Toronto Bar School working exclusive private throughout the GTA. As an expert bartender at these events you’ll meet a lot of people from diverse backgrounds and as their bartender you’re bound to strike up some interesting conversations.

Everyone of those conversations is a networking opportunity that can lead to some interesting long term connections. You never know – someone you meet on a Saturday night bartending may lead to a great opportunities for the future!

develop transferable skills

Picture this.

It’s a Saturday night, you’re killing it mixing amazing cocktails at a busy event, everyone’s having a great time and they’re blown away by your expertise and professionalism. Your bar is well stocked and clean. Why? Because you’re a pro and good at what you do.

This isn’t just great for your tip jar. You’re developing all kinds of transferable skills. You’re now a better communicator, skilled mixologist, great at organizing logistics in a fast paced pressure packed environment and a networking expert.

become a better communicator

Did we mention that you’ll be a better communicator because you’re bartending at busy events?

We sure did.

It isn’t easy getting your point across when you can barely hear yourself think, but the best bartenders make it look easy. In fact, as you develop your communication skills you’ll learn to be a good listner as well.

People just love to bend the ear of a bartender with their problems. Learning how to lend a sympathetic ear while still mixing great drinks and keeping your other patrons happy is a real skill.

attend fun exclusive events

After a tough week at the office it’s great to be able to let loose and have some fun on the weekend. The problem is, that won’t help you pay the bills.

With the ever rising rate of inflation these days it’s hard to make ends meet with the salary from your day job alone. You almost have to have a side hustle. As a bartender at our exclusive event you can still be out on a Saturday night making money and having fun!

Save money (by not spending it!)

Another great thing about choosing to bartend on a Saturday night instead of hitting the bars with your old college buddy’s is that you’re not emptying your pockets paying for round after round of shots.

You still get to be out, meeting new people and expanding your horizons at private parties, you’re just not spending any money to do it. Nope. You’re pocketing extra cash in tips and gratituties all while kicking inflation in the butt!

financial security awaits

Now that we’ve covered all of the great reasons you should start bartending as a side hustle, time for a little reality check. It isn’t for everybody.

If you shrink into the corner at social events and have trouble communicating, barending isn’t for you. Even if you’re the life of the party it still may not be for you.

The only way to make consistent money as a bartender on the weekends is to show up and work hard. Sure, there’s plenty of scheduling flexibility, but you do have to make yourself available and show up consistently if you’re going to make Real money.

If you still think you’re ready to tie on an apron and hop behind the bar then Toronto Bar School can help!