By Toronto Bar School, 09/10/2023

If you’ve been searching for a money making side hustle bartending may be the perfect answer, but only if you have the skills to rake in the big tips. 

How do you develop the skills to craft the perfect drink? 

It isn’t something you can just pick up from reading a few articles or a couple of books on mixology.

If you want to learn how to become a true professional mixologist, Toronto Bar School can help you make better cocktails and bigger tips, by learning the importance of preparation, expanding your expertise, developing your tasking skills and helping to build your confidence. 

That’s going to lead to bigger tips and the opportunity to work more events with new networking opportunities every time. 

You’ll learn transferrable skills, working a flexible schedule that fits around your day job and you’ll still get to be out on a saturday night – it just won’t drain your bank account.

Want to learn more? 

Let’s dive in.

Become a true mixologist, not just an average bartender

Ever wonder what it takes to make the perfect Mojito or Strawberry Daiquiri? The best place to start is to learn all about the chemistry of cocktails. 

At Toronto Bar School you’ll learn what goes into making popular cocktails and how to make a tastier drink. 

An average bartender may be able to make a decent rum and coke, but they’re lost if a patron asks for a Passion Fruit Martini, Our bartenders never break a sweat making tasty drinks like this. 

Understanding just how much citrus to add to a cocktail like this can make the critical diference between a drink people love and one they’ll probably never order again.

There’s a lot that goes into making a next level cocktail. Ingredients are part of it, but so is temperature and using the right tools for the job. 

These are all things you’ll learn at bartending school along with the history of different drinks, the difference between liquor and liqueur and when to use a bitter in a cocktail. 

By the time you’re finished at Toronto Bar School you’ll have the expertise to choose the right ingredients for any popular cocktail and you’ll know all of the history behind it. 

A great cocktail is about more than just knowing a bit of history and the right ingredients though. 

learn the art of cocktail preparation

The international Bartenders Association lists 77 different official cocktails and there are thousands more than mixologists have created themselves. 

Developing the knowledge, skills and techniques required to master each one of these is a tall task, but bartending school is a great place to start your journey.

At bartending school you get hands-on experience backed by the guidance of experienced mixologists. That means real time feedback and useful tips to improve and develop your skill set. 

Terms like shaking, stirring, straining, garnishing and serving will become part of your daily vocabulary. Without a basic understanding of these terms, you can’t truly understand the art of cocktail preparation.

Like any professional, a top mixologist also has to have the right tools for the job. You’ll learn all about them and when they’re used. These will include:

  • The types of glassware for each drink
  • Jiggers and shot measuring glasses
  • Cocktail spoons
  • Cocktail shakers
  • Muddlers
As you can see there’s alot more to becoming a bartender that scores big tips than just knowing how to make a passable martini.

broaden your expertise and expand your cocktail repertoire

At bartending school you’ll broaden your expertise and expand your cocktail repertoire. The more you know, the more you’ll be able to make and that’s the key to turning your bartending side hustle into a lucrative money making venture.

The basics will only take you so far. With professional lessons you’ll learn new recipes and ingredients you may not have even considered before. That will help you stand out and draw the big tippers to your section of the bar. 

You’ll become the mixologist that people are still talking about long after the event has ended. 

At bartending school you’ll also learn the latest techniques and stay up-to-date on evolution in the world of mixology. 

The bartending profession isn’t immune to trends and we’ll bring you up to speed on those as well. 

If you’re able to tap into your knowledge of all the latest cocktail trends, you’re bound to up your earning potential by giving the customer what they want and making their evening memorable. 

refine your palate and develop your tasting skills

One of the best ways to learn anything is through trial, error and repetition and you’ll experience more than your fair share of all three at Toronto Bartending School. 

As you learn to recognize different flavors, aromas and textures, you’ll start to refine your palate and develop your tasting skills. The more refined your palate is, the easier it will be to create prefectly balanced cocktails.

The first step in making a great cocktail is being able to recognize what one tastes like. 

As your tastes become more refined, the complexity of your cocktails will become more noticeable and you’ll be one step closer to making a delicious cocktail every time. 

In addition to learning how to make a great cocktail you’ll develop a deeper knowledge of spirits, wines and beers as well. 

You’ll also start to understand which cocktail go best with different meals and your ability to make the right recommendations to your patrons can go a long way to making sure that tip jar is full at the end of the night. 

There’s more. 

DEVELOP confidence, craft and professionalism

Learning different cocktail ingredients is an important step in refining your palate and expanding your knowledge. You can’t stop there though. 

Before you can develop into a top mixologist you need to become confident in your craft and develop true professionalism by learning from the best. 

What better way to develop confidence than to learn from some of the best in the game? That’s what you can expect at Toronto Bartending School. 

Our experienced instructors will guide you along the way and give you the feedback you need to become a pro at making cocktails and every other aspect of the bartender trade. 

You’ll also be receiving hands-on training from instructors who’ve lived the lift and learned how to thrive in fast paced and demanding environments. 

They’ll teach you the importance of presentation and engaging with customers. 

Bar patrons might not know exactly what they want. It’s your job to help them discover the perfect cocktail and you’ll know how to do that by the time you’re finished bartending school. 

Ready to get started?

You probably have a pretty good idea how Toronto Bar School can help you make a better cocktail and bigger tips at this point.

Knowing what a mixologist is, understanding the importance of being prepared and having the right tools is a good starting point. But expanding your expertise and developing your professionalism takes time and guidance. 

It can be stressful and loud working events. There’s no getting around that. 

The upside is you’re making money, networking with some great potential contacts, you’re not stuck home on a saturday night and you’re developing invaluable skills. 

We’re here to help you through every step of the way. If you’re still in love with the idea and you’re ready to get started, register now to begin your journey.