why our bartending course is more than just learning on the job

By Toronto Bar School, 3/28/2023

If you’ve been thinking about taking a hands-on bartending course, but you have some reservations, we get it. 

I recently had this same conversation with a potential student.

He just couldn’t see the value in taking a hands-on bartending course.

How was it any better than just learning on the job and what he learn that he couldn’t learn just starting at the local bar down the street?

These are both valid questions. 

We’ll explain in this article why Toronto Bar School is more than just basic hands-on training and why it’s way more valuable than learning to mix drinks at the local watering hole.

Let’s dive right in and explore why investing in our course is one of the best investments you’ll make this year. 

what are the limitations of learning bartending on the job?

Is it possible to get a job in a bar with no bartending experience? Of course! Just not as a bartender.

Chances are you’ll start at the bottom of the barrel, either cleaning tables or working as a barback.

It takes time and effort to work your way up the ladder. It’s rare for a bar to hire you as a bartender with no experience.

Whether it’s fair or not most establishments value experience over unproven expertise.

It doesn’t matter if your friends and family think you mix the meanest cocktail, it probably won’t help move you up the ladder much quicker.

Even if you can live with waiting for your shot running the bar until after you’ve gained experience, there’s no guarantee you’ll be ready.

It isn’t easy developing your mixology skills as a barback. There’s bound to be gaps in your knowledge and that can affect your earning potential.

With Toronto Bar School you start learning to bartend on day 1. We give you a structured and comprehensive path to a standout career or side hustle as a bartender.

Forget about experience. We teach real expertise. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

why our hands-on bartending course is better

I could probably come up with a dozens or more different reasons why our hands-on bartending course is a better way to learn, but I don’t want to turn this into an epic 5000 word article.

Fortunately, it can actually be summed up in Five key points.

One-on-One Coaching and Feedback: You aren’t just another face in the crowd. Our expert trainers are your mentors and guides. They’re committed to helping you succeed and will give instant and constant feedback on how you’re doing. 

Real world and real training: Not only will you be skipping past the barback phase of your career, you’ll be learning real bartending skills in real world situations. You’ll be gaining valuable experience and developing expertise at the same time. By the time you’re finished, you’ll have the confidence to bartend in a busy bar environment, because you’ll already be doing it!

A Complete Course: We don’t cut corners. You’ll learn everything you need to know about mixology, customer service, bar management and handling difficult situations. You’ll graduate with a rich understanding of the industry. 

Professional Networking: Working events is one of the best places to network. When your network starts with some of the best expert mixologists in the business, you’ve already got a leg up on the competition. Sprinkle in connections with your fellow students, other event staffers and event patrons and you’re well on your way to opening new doors that can skyrocket your career or launch you on a new more profitable path. 

Employment for successful graduates: Would you rather have a useless piece of paper waiting for you on graduation from a bartending course or instant employment? If you’re like me, the choice is easy. You’d choose the work. That’s what’s waiting for you when you finish the Toronto Bar School course. That’s right, we employ you to work at our exclusive private events right away.

Anyone can mix a drink, but it takes a true mixologist to create an experience that each event patron will remember long after the nights are over.

That’s what we teach. True expertise. 

Still not convinced? 

Keep reading.

so what's the truth about bartending schools?

We won’t deny that some bartending schools are a waste of your money. Some skills aren’t meant to be learned in a traditional classroom and bartending is one of them.

That bears repeating. Some skills just can’t be taught in a classroom. 

Don’t be fooled by courses that offer a classroom education and theory, followed by a nice looking certificate. They’re not worth the paper they’re written on. You can’t mix a great drink with theory and colored water!

Our school is different.

We offer an immersive learning experience that puts you right into the deep end starting with the first lesson. Our students find our teaching methods refreshing. That’s not surprising, considering 52% of adults prefer to learn through active participation

Let’s highlight where we think many bar schools get it wrong:

Questionable quality – memorizing a few cocktails does not make you a bartender, but that’s the approach many bar schools take.

Cookie-cutter programs – most courses are generic. It’s the same thing every time. Student after student. The real bartending world is dynamic and every changing, we prepare you for that reality. 

Worthless credentials – I’ve never hired a bartender because they have a glossy piece of paper. Those are worthless credentials. Real world, hands on training like the kind you’ll be exposed to at Toronto Bar School is far more valuable. 

No track record – A certificate doesn’t mean a lot if the school doesn’t have an established track record. We’re well known in the industry and our graduates are considered some of the best in the business.

My best advice is forget about focusing on a certificate and the classroom. That won’t make you a bartender and it won’t make you the money you need to leave your financial troubles behind.

Our hand-on approach is a better way to teach bartending.

We set you up for real success, by teaching you real skills, exposing you to a network of amazing people and giving you access to the best experts in the business.

what's the next step?

Remember when we talked about a potential student that couldn’t see the value in a hands-on bartender training course? We’d flip that around and say we can’t see real value in a classroom focussed course for all of the reasons we’ve outlined above.

There’s no substitute for the personalized training you can get from real expert mixologists behind a real bar. 

That’s what we offer.

It’s time to take first step into the world of bartending with our comprehensive, hands-on training system. We can’t wait to join you on your journey. Register today with Toronto Bar School and let’s start mixing cocktails like a pro!