7 reasons to complete a bartending course and pick up a side hustle with us

By Toronto Bar School, 7/28/2023

If you’re thinking about bartending as a side gig, but you’re not yet convinced about the financial benefits, let me help.

You can make amazing money mixing cocktails. I get it, you need a bit more convincing than that. 

That’s why I’ve come up with 7 financial benefits of investing in our $500 bartender training course. Below we’ll show you why it’s money well spent and why this small investment will turn into a major windfall for you.

Think about it. 

We’ll employ you right away, it won’t get in the way of your day job, you’ll have high earning potential and you’ll learn easily transferable skills that will last a lifetime.

That’s just the start.

The 7 financial benefits we’ll talk about will make that clear.

Bartending without a doubt has the highest earning potential anywhere in the hospitality industry. 

Upside #1: Higher Earning Potential

Let’s start with the obvious. A bartending side gig has higher earning potential than more than 90% of other opportunities you might be thinking about.

Have you ever seen an empty tip jar at a busy private event? No?

I haven’t either.

You can easily make between $150 and $300 at every event you work. Some nights you’ll make a lot more. 

When you look at it that way, your initial investment of $500 in our Toronto Bar School training system doesn’t seem like much does it? 

Best of all the private events we cater to usually have an exclusive guest list and they tend to tip more for great drinks and great service. 

Name me three other side hustles with that kind of earning potential. I’ll bet you can’t.

When you invest in our training program your ability to earn is limited only by your dedication and willingness to hustle.

You know what else Toronto Bar School offers? A fast return on your investment.

Let’s explore.

Upside #2: Fast Return On Your Investment — Hands On

Because our training happens in the real world you’ll be earning almost from day one. 

You won’t have to spend months of wasted time in a classroom with the vague hope you might be able to find someone to hire you at the end. 

You’ll be working in a hands-on environment, mixing real cocktails. The skills you’ll learn along the way will be invaluable. 

If there’s a better way to learn how to master the art of the cocktail than getting behind a bar we’ve yet to discover it.

Diving right behind the bar helps you in two main ways. You’ll build the confidence you need to work at busy events and you’ll learn real practical skills.

The day you graduate you’ll already be bartending. Nothing will phase you and nothing will get in your way of earning mega cash. 

Did we mention WE hire you?

Upside #3: Instant Access to Employment Opportunities

Yep. Show us your dedication, reliability and commitment and we’ll have jobs for you when you finish the program.

No scrolling through employment apps or sifting through social media. 

You won’t find that at other bartender training programs.

We think it’s pretty simple. 

You invest in our program and we invest in you with real world mentorship and instant access to employment opportunities. 

It gets better.


If I told you that you’re about to start a journey that will make you more employable no matter where your heading in your career would you take it?

Of course you would!

Think about it. 

As a bartender you’ll be working in an extremely busy environment, you’ll become a better communicator, a better coordinator and simply better at customer service.

Your interpersonal skills will be off the charts and you’ll probably pick up some great sales techniques as well.

Bartenders are multitaskers. They do a bit of everything under pressure packed conditions. Our experts will show you how to handle it all while barely breaking a sweat.

Take those skills back to your day job and you’ll easily stand out as someone that can handled anything thrown at them and thrive. 

When opportunities open up for advancement you’ll be at the front of the line and all because you invested in bartending as a side gig.

It can also lead to connections you haven’t even thought about yet.


Have you ever had a chance encounter with a stranger that led to a job offer or other benefit? I have and a lot of them happened while I was behind a bar making cocktails.

Tending bar is one of the best ways to network with people you probably wouldn’t meet anywhere else. 

That’s definitely true when you’re working private events with Toronto Bar School. 

A casual conversation with a patron at the bar could lead to a valuable connection that can open doors you didn’t even know existed. 

Remember, this is all without having to give up your day job.


Bartending can be a lucrative side hustle, but it takes charm and personality to get those bigger tips.

At Toronto Bar School we train people just like you that are looking for a side gig. They’re not looking to abandon their career or make a drastic change in their lives.

They’re looking for an opportunity that can give them the financial freedom to save even as inflation rises and have extra income to spend on things and activities that excite them. 

Once you complete the program and show us you’re committed to bartending on the side, we’ll hook you up with work behind the bar at special events. 

All of this happens on weekends and never causes a conflict with your 9 to 5. 

You have the flexibility to choose when you’re available so it won’t get in the way of your life either.

If you have a family wedding to attend or you going away for a weekend at the cottage with friends we get it. 

As long as you show up when you’re scheduled and hustle, we’ll have work for you. You’ll make great tips and leave your money problems in the dust.

One more thing.


On top of every benefit we’ve already mentioned, you’ll find the personal growth you’ll experience as a bartender is invaluable. 

Every event you bartend at will provide unique experiences. You’ll be developing and enriching every aspect of your life and having a great time doing it. 

There aren’t many comparable professions where you get to work on a Saturday night and still be where it’s happening. 

Let’s face it, people love to bend the ear of a bartender, so you’ll never be bored. 

You’ll improve your listening skills along the way and great listeners are also highly intuitive people. That’s a skill everyone can use.

There are just so many intangible ways that working as a bartender can lead to financial benefits for you down the road. 

You’ll learn how to think on your feet, problem solve in time sensitive conditions and handle the unexpected like a pro. 

This personal growth will make you a more well rounded person, capable of handling anything thrown your way. 


Distractions abound in bartending. If you get overwhelmed easily, it might not be the best job for you.

If you’re ready for a side gig that will give you financial freedom and help with personal growth then Toronto Bar School’s bartender training course is for you.

You’ll earn great money on the weekends without any risk to your day job and you’ll gain instant access to work at private events when you’re finished.

Not to mention the networking opportunities and transferable skills you’ll pick up along the way and the great time you’ll have while working behind the bar.

Trust me, you’ll have lots of stories to tell at your next party as well.

Click here to get started and take that first step to financial freedom.