5 key ways our affordable bartender training course empowers women to excel in a
male-dominated industry

By Toronto Bar School, 08/01/2023

There’s no point in hiding it. Bartending has traditionally been a male dominated industry. 

At Toronto Bar School we want to change that. 

That’s why our affordable bartender training course is inclusive. It’s not only open to anyone with the motivation to succeed, we actively encourage women to take on the challenge. 

We make a conscious effort to empower women by breaking down any barriers to entry in the bartending industry that are based on gender. 

This is a great training course for anyone looking for a lucrative side gig to win the battle with inflation, no matter what gender you are. 

In this article we’ll explore 5 ways we’re looking to change the industry and support prospective female mixologist on their journey. 

Have you thought about bartender training in the past, but avoiding taking the next step because of the roadblocks along the way? 

We get it. 

Toronto Bar School is staffed by experts that offer a supportive environment and provide real mentorship based on your ability and nothing else. 

Read on for 5 key ways our affordable bartender training course empowers women.


breaking down barriers faced by women in bartending

In the world of bartending women can face barriers and challenges that their male colleagues never have to go through. 

If you’ve ever been judged solely on your looks, subjected to sexual stereotypes or run into gender based biases blocking your career path you know that I’m talking about. 

It’s so frustrating. What does gender have to do with ability? The simple answer is absolutely nothing!

This Uphill battle is the reason many women avoid the bartending industry. 

Our goal is to shatter these barriers and empower women. We want you to thrive and succeed with us alongside other female and male bartenders. 

The Toronto Bar School course actively recruits hardworking female professionals that are looking to make extra cash with a side hustle of their own. 

When you take our course we’ll help you: 

  • Refine your bartending skills
  • Equip you with well rounded knowledge of cocktails in all their variations 
  • Provide an environment where you, as a woman, are supported and encouraged to pursue your bartending passion

There are some things you’ll never hear in our school or from our trainers. You’ll never be given the impression that bartending is a “mans job”. It’s not. 

That’s absolute nonsense. 

We’ll also never underestimate you. We believe that female bartenders bring a unique set of skills that the bartending industry desperately needs. 

When you train with us you’ll be treated with the same respect and encouragement that every bartender that graduates from our course receives. 

We go beyond just breaking down barriers though.  

empowering women with affordable and approachable training

At first glance $500 may sound like a lot to spend on a bartending training course, but it’s not. You’ll make more than that at the first two events you work for us. 

That’s right. We don’t just train you, we actually employ you once you’re finished your training. 

How many bartender training programs do you know that do that?

Not many. 

Our course is highly affordable based on the return you’ll get back for years to come. 

You’ll also find we’re highly approachable. The only thing we judge you on are, your work ethic, bartending talent and willingness to learn. 

That’s it. 

We know there are often additional financial challenges that women face and that’s one of the reasons why we’ve continued to keep our course costs at a reasonable and attainable level. 

We don’t want the cost of our course to stand in the way of you pursuing your dream of a bartending side gig. 

So what’s it like once you start the course? 

a supportive and encouraging learning environment
for all

From day one at Toronto Bar School you’ll notice things are a little different here. 

That’s because we believe a supportive and encouraging learning environment is essential to developing the best bartenders in the industry. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female. You’ll find our hands-on learning approach is built to help you thrive. 

What do we mean by hands-on? 

We mean you’ll be learning and creating behind a real bar at real events.

You’ll be mixing real cocktails, not trying your best to stay awake in a stale classroom environment using colored water meant to vaguely look like cocktail ingredients. 

Our instructors are experts in mixology and strong believers in fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels comfortable and is encouraged to learn. 

Their feedback will always be constructive and fair based on your efforts, not your gender or any other arbitrary criteria. 

We want our students to feel part of a team and we encourage you to develop strong bonds and friendships with your classmates as well. 

Our aim to help you grow and become an expert mixologist, confident and secure in your abilities. When you shine as a bartender, you win and we win. 

We’re not about theory, we’re about action. Let’s dive into what I mean by that. 

Equality, skills development and confidence building through action

It’s one thing to talk about equality. It’s another thing to live it.

We have a concrete approach to skills development that helps to level the playing field. 

Our trainers tackle head on the barriers and challenges that are unique to women in the industry. They’ll not only talk about them in your training, they’ll provide you with tools and techniques to overcome them. 

Anyone that expresses gender bias or intolerance in our training program learns quickly that it’s not part of our approach and will either adjust or leave the program. 

We know you’re here to learn in an encouraging environment and that’s what we provide. 

There are going to be times in your training when you’ll have to deal with tough situations and difficult patrons. We’ll be there to guide you and teach you how to deal with those as they happen and let you know what approaches work best. 

The real world is the best place to learn.

Let’s look at how our mentoring approach will help you learn on your feet. 

helpful mentoring and an inclusive approach to training

We teach you the expertise you need to standout in a sea of mediocre bartenders. You’ll work closely with a mentor that will provide personalized advice and training to suit you. 

Best of all they’ll encourage you to pick their brain for industry insights and best practices. Many of our best bartenders are other women and they can offer unique advice based on first-hand experience thriving and excelling in the bartending industry. 

We believe that one-on-one mentoring encourages an environment of trust and gives women a valuable resource that isn’t available anywhere else. We want you to be inspired by the best to be the best. 

Toronto Bar School also encourages peer-to-peer support. After all, other female trainees probably have the same doubts and concerns as you and can be a great source of inspiration on your journey.

Toronto bar school is open for all

The bottom line is this. Our bartender training is open to all. Empowering and encouraging women to take our course is one of our number one priorities. 

In our humble opinion, there’s no better side gig in the world! 

It will never interfere with your day job because you get to work events on the weekends and we connect you with that work directly when you graduate. 

You can leave inflationary worries behind, network with tons of people and learn invaluable skills that you can use in all aspects of your life.

When you join us it’s one more step in eliminating barriers and ending the myth that bartending is for men. If you’re ready to tear down some walls, click here to get started.