Mixologist Training: Service

Service: Hospitality is at the Core of Being an Expert Mixologist

Because a frown doesn’t make a good cocktail garnish.

You’ve trained on glassware. You know when to use a shaker vs. when to stir a cocktail. You know your inventory levels. You’re ready for the evening. Can you execute with a smile? Your training in service at Toronto Bar School will include, but not be limited to:

Good service means clients will feel like guests at their own party.


Anticipating needs. Making guests feel welcome.

My personal philosophy on service is that clients should feel like a guest at their own party. This starts with basic hospitality. 

Are you making sure the guests are taken care of? Have you anticipated their needs in advance? 

Are you friendly?

It all sounds basic, but you’d be amazed how often we don’t see these boxes checked off. At Toronto Bar School, you’ll have the chance to experience and learn all of this at real events.

Learning to bartend as a side hustle can open the door to profitable gigs and jobs in an uncertain economy

Duties and Responsibilities

Who is responsible for what?

Good service means knowing who is responsible for what.

If you’ve ever served at a bad restaurant, you know of the “cold war” that goes on between shifts. Such and such person was supposed to fill shakers and didn’t. So and so was supposed to roll silverware but ducked out.

And the result?

Chaos. Bitterness. Tension. All of which spill out onto the guests. You might be able to put a mask on, but your guests will sense if there is harmony or tension between coworkers.

Harmony is better.

And you’ll learn how to create it with Toronto Bar School.

Exceeding Expectations

It’s why you’ll get invited back

If you provide good service, one of the highest compliments you can receive is being invited back. 

If you don’t, at best you won’t, and at worst, you’ll get put on blast.

The difference is exceeding expectations. Did you anticipate and fill needs before your guests asked? Were the cocktails accurate and presented beautifully? Did the host feel like a guest at their own party?

You’ll learn how to give guests an experience they’ll never forget at Toronto Bar School.

All of this knowledge will be put to the test on the dance floor! Ready to become an expert mixologist?

this is your path to mastery

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