Mixologist Training: Product Knowledge

Knowing your Bar Means Knowing Your Products

It is impossible to be an expert mixologist without knowing the range of products available to you.

We will train and equip you to have a full range of knowledge of all products available to you at the bar. The scope of our training will include:

Product knowledge for a mixologist includes knowing all liquor varieties

Liquor Varieties

History. Types. Use.

For mixologist training, product knowledge is critical. And at the core of being an expert mixologist is a firm grasp of the types of liquors available. At Toronto Bar School, you will learn a great deal about liquor types. This knowledge will include the history of liquor types, the varieties available to you, and how to work with types of liquor. But, most importantly, you will gain hands on, in-the-field experience to put this knowledge to use.

Product knowledge for an expert mixologist includes knowing about beer types

Beer Varieties

IPAs. Lagers. Lite Beer.

…and everything in between. Part of your mixologist training at Toronto Bar School includes knowing about the history and variety of all manner of beers. You will learn the difference in taste between varieties of beers. You will also learn what kinds of beers go best with different types of meals. Most importantly, you will be able to put this knowledge to use at live events.

Product knowledge includes knowing what wines you have at your disposal

Wine Varieties

Whites vs. Reds. Rieslings vs. Chardonnay. 

…and everything in between. Knowing your wines is essential to becoming an expert Mixologist. Its more than just knowing varieties, its knowing what wine is best for which occasion. What wine is best served chilled vs. what wine should be served warm. You will learn all this, not just in a classroom setting but at live events.

All of this knowledge will be put to the test on the dance floor! Ready to become an expert mixologist?

this is your path to mastery

Product Knowledge




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