Mixologist Training: Methods and Techniques

Expert Mixologists have a firm mastery of methods and techniques

Build it. Stir it. Shake it.

Crafting cocktails can fall into one of these three methods. We will equip and train you on how to build, stir and shake your way to success. You will learn how to:

Build Cocktails

For when you don’t want to shake things up.

Building a cocktail is the most delicate of all methods and techniques a mixologist will use. This technique is employed when using highly carbonated ingredients. In these cases, shaking the drink is likely to result in an explosion. Which is only good if you’re playing a practical joke. It isn’t good if you’re trying to be a master mixologist!

Stir Cocktails

When you need it mixed but not rattled.

A mark of a properly stirred cocktail is this: it pours like syrup. According to Mad River Distillers, the rule of thumb is to shake if there’s citrus, stir if it’s not.

This is one of the most nuanced methods and techniques a mixologist will employ. We believe in a hands-on approach: classroom training is great, but live fire is better. You’ll get both with Toronto Bar school!

Shake Cocktails

For when you want frothy and chilled.

Shaking a cocktail is the most aggressive of the methods and techniques a master mixologist will learn. A well-shaken cocktail will come out frothy, and will likely have bits of ice from the aggressive shaking. And a shaken cocktail will have ingredients that are blended in ways that stirring would cause to settle.

If all this sounds highly nuanced, it’s because it is. Our goal at Toronto Bar School is to equip you to know what situations call for shaking, and how to employ them at live events.

All of this knowledge will be put to the test on the dance floor! Ready to become an expert mixologist?

this is your path to mastery

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