Mixologist Training: Glassware

Knowing your Bar Means Knowing Your glassware

After all, nobody wants their beer in a shot glass.

Yes. That’s laughable. But what isn’t funny is being in the weeds and not knowing whether a brandy glass or martini glass is the best choice. All of this must be instinctual to an expert mixologist. And this is why we believe in a hands on approach to our teaching. The types of glassware you’ll learn about include, but aren’t limited to…

Martini glasses are a cornerstone of glassware knowledge

Martini Glasses

History. Types. Use.

Glassware use and history are among the things you’ll learn at Toronto Bartending School. According to the sipsmith blog, the martini glass was born out of both functionality and practicality. The long and thin stem transfers no heat to the bowl of the glass, meaning the drink won’t heat up as it is held. Lore holds that during American prohibition, the martini glass was developed to allow for quick dumping of a cocktail. This was made possible by the wide mouth of the martini glass. Expert mixologists will be able to use these glasses and shoot the breeze about their history.

Shot glasses are a cornerstone of glassware knowledge

Shot Glasses

Cheaters. Singles. Ponies.

There is some debate about the origins of this bit of glassware. Some say that the term “shot” refers to a small vessel that was used to hold the “shot” pulled out of meat at the dinner table. Others say the glass has military origins. Regardless, as a master mixologist, you will learn the difference between a “cheater” and a “single,” a “pony” and a “tall.” Each of these glasses have their own unique purpose and function.

Champagne Glasses

Flutes and Coupes.

If you’ve celebrated more than one new year, you’re aware of this type of glassware. The two most common varieties of champagne glass are the flute and the coupe. Both have a long stem, which prevents the warming of the drink. You’ll be well acclimated with their use once you complete our training.

All of this knowledge will be put to the test on the dance floor! Ready to become an expert mixologist?

this is your path to mastery

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