expertise in the gig economy: why it matters for bartending

By Toronto Bar School, 11/10/2023

Skilled gig workders are in demand.

Nobody wants to hire people that aren’t good at what they do.

That just makes sense.

It’s true in the corporate world, but it’s even more important in the world of side-hustles like bartending at special events.

Without expertise in the gig economy you won’t succeed. Only 10% gig workers are working as full-time freelancers. That’s not for lack of desire, it’s because of lack of expertise and commitment.

Forget anything you’ve ever learned about experience. There are countless people with years of experience as bartenders that just aren’t very good at their craft.

It might be okay in a 9 to 5 job to just get by, but it doesn’t fly in the freelance world where you’re onky as good as your last performance.

Expertise in freelance bartending is crucial because it allows you to mix better tasting drinks, offer better customer service and provide an all round better experience to bar patrons. Satisfied customers tip better and that leads to bigger tips and first choice of your next gig.

Here are some more reasons why you need to be a top level pro if you want to make it as a freelance bartender.

Specialization in mixology makes you indispensable

Attendees at special events only tip when they’re away by the service. I can’t emphasize that enough.

If you’re an average bartender doing the bare minimum at an event, your tip jar won’t be full at the end of the night. 

Freelancers have to stand out to get ahead. Don’t worry, we can help with that.

We don’t train average bartenders. We train expert mixologists that have mastered cocktail making skills and know how to engage a crowd in the process.

expert bartenders are able to make their own flexible schedule

Expert bartenders are rare in the event staffing world.

Trust me, I know.

Most independent contractors staffing private parties are content with a little extra cash, but that’s the wrong way to look at it.

Think about it.

As a top level freelance bartender you have the flexibility to set your own schedule. You can take on as much work as you can handle because people like you are in demand.

You’re like that rare diamond every treasure hunter is looking for.

The difference is that in this case the treasure hunters are event staffers. Why wouldn’t you want to be that rare gem that everybody’s looking for?

The financial rewards blow other side hustles out of the water.

Forget making peanuts working a side hustle in retail on the weekends to make ends meet. Join the bartending elite and start lining your pockets with some real cash.

Before you can do all that you need expertise. It’s crucial.

Investing in a hands-on training course in mixology is a minor investment, compared to the return on your ivnestment you can expect back.

Graduate with flying colors and you’ll have exclusive access to all of the best events where the tips and gratitutes are mind boggling.

Let’s recap, you get to make life-changing extra cash on a flexible schedule that fits around your fday job and gain invaluable expertise in an in-demand field.

Did we miss anything?

Oh yeah, it also happens to be the most entertaining side hustle you could hope for.

It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

You get to have a great time along with all of the event guess – you just happen to be on the other side of the bar.

reputation as an event staff bartender is everything

If you can stand out in the on-demand economy the earning potential is just the start of the positive change in your life.

You’ll start to develop a strong reputation.

Considering that many of our clients are repeat customers, that can really help you. When they start asking for you by name, your earning potential keeps going up. Believe me, if our customers ask for you at their next event, we will happily accommodate.

Our relationship becomes symbiotic. You impress our clientele with your amazing bartending and skilled approach to bar patrons and we line up more events. Your name’s the first on the list to staff the bar.

I won’t sugar coat it.

It isn’t easy gaining bartending expertise in the gig economy. We only take about 5% of the applicants to  our program.

If you don’t demonstrate ability, determination and dedication you won’t be a good match. I don ‘t say this to scare you. Competition is fierce and for good reason – there aren’t many side gigs that can compare when it comes to how much cash you can make.

demonstrating expertise guarantees access to future gig opportunities

The gig economy is the fastest growing sector in Canada and worldwide. Now’s the time to pick up a side hustle.

Think of it like investing in Apple in the early days. Can you imagine how much that would be worth now?

Don’t get left behind. Double down on your efforts now and learn real expertise at Toronto Bar School. That will allow you continued access to the best route to financial freedom available in today’s world.

developing expertise in the gig economy helps to cultivate connections

Let me let you in on a secret few people seem to get. Having real in-demand expertise makes you an invaluable asset.

The more your reputation grows the more connections you’ll make. Do you think a guest at a wedding will remember the moody bartender that handed them a rum and coke at the last wedding they attended? Probably not.

What they will remember is the bartender that was constantly smiling, making fun drink suggestions and blowing their mind with the enticing flavors in their latest concoctions. Many of these happy guests will end up being great long-term connections.

That’s why expertise in the gig economy matters. You’re selling yourself and you never know where that can lead. Why would you ever be satisfied with being that moody bartender that makes less than $100 in tips every night?

Makes sense right?

I like to think of it as micro-enterpreneurship.

hands-on training is your pathway to success in bartending

It’s time to leave the medicore behind and invest in you. In 2021, more than 16% of adulta earned money through the gig economy and those numbers are growing every year. That can be you as well.

If you think you have what it takes to be one of the 5% that rise to the top in the world of mixology we want you on our team.

Sign up with Toronto Bar School today and start building your expertise in the gig economy so that you can start living the way you’ve always wanted to.