choosing the right bartending course: what to look for ?

By Toronto Bar School, 08/02/2023

When you search for a bartending course on Google you’ll find a ton of options. It’s a great side gig so this isn’t too surprising. 

The question is how do you sift through all of the noise to find the right course for you? 

For starters you want one that can train you to become more than just a bartender. 

Mixologists that have mastered the art of cocktail making make much better tips. That’s what you want to aim for. 

That might eliminate some of the programs you’re looking at, but there will be plenty of options.

Chances are you’re looking to start earning quickly. Who has time to spend countless hours in a classroom working with fake drinks that substitute colored water for the base ingredients of cocktails? 

With inflation driving up the price of everything, there’s no time to spare. You need to start seeing the cash flow almost instantly. 

At Toronto Bar School we’ve developed a different approach that takes you out of the classroom and into real world of bartending. 

In fact, our bartending course isn’t really a course at all. It’s a hands-on training program that allows you to work with real alcohol at real events right from the start. We teach expertise not classroom theory. 

Read on to find out why our program is better than any bartending course out there. 

5 important attributes of a success bartender

Before committing to any program, including ours, you need to be sure that bartending is something you really want to do. How do find out? 

A great place to start is to identify the qualities you’ll need for success. 

Let’s go over what they are. These are the most 5 most important attributes of a successful bartender: 

  1. Exceptional drink knowledge and ability to learn new ones quickly
  2. Strong organizational capabilities
  3. Stand out customer service and social skills
  4. Great time management
  5. Hustle in your DNA

I’d way if you score will in at least 3 of these categories, you’re a good fit to start bartending as a side hustle

Still want to bartend on weekends? Here are some of the basics every bartender should know and every legitimate course should teach. 

Basics every bartender should know

At a minimum, any course you’re looking at should teach you about the following: 

  • Beers
  • Whiskies
  • Wines
  • Standard Mixed Drinks
  • Basic Cocktails

We go above and beyond the basics though. By the time you’re finished you’ll be a full fledged mixologist, not just a basic bartender. 

We’ll help you develop a deeper knowledge of every type of alcoholic drink and how to combine them in new and fun ways. Your future patrons will be blown away by your cocktail making skills and the means more money in your pocket. 

That’s not all. 

The 5 p's of bartending

The Difford’s Guide is a great resource for cocktail enthusiasts. They’re based in the UK, but their guides and tips are universal.

The reason I mentioned them is because they have a great article that talks about the 5P’s of bartending. Each one is an essential trait of a top level bartender and they also happen to be teaching points we target. 

Here are the 5 P’s of bartending laid out in the Difford’s Guide. 

  • Pride
  • Passion
  • Preparation
  • Professionalism
  • Presentation

You’ve probably noticed, but these are skills that are useful no matter what you do in life. There are life skills!

That brings us to another key point. 

What we teach you at Toronto Bar School will give you transferable skills you can take with you and apply to everything you do in the future. 

Still think you can get all of this training with any bartending course? 

Here’s the kicker.

what traditional bartending courses look like

Traditional bartending courses look a lot like those boring college courses you took for extra credit. You’re stuck in a stale classroom setting playing make believe with pretend cocktails that are just different shades of colored water. 

These are structured courses that never expose you to the busy real world of bartending. Worst of all they can be costly and there’s no guarantee that you’ll graduate and be able to cut it behind the bar. 

Sure, you’ll get a piece of paper at graduation and that’s it. 

You’ll have to find your own bartending gigs and hope that what you’ve learned will work when you are hired.

That’s why we’re so confident that our system is a better option for you. 

Here’s why.

Why our alternative mixologist training program is better

We don’t teach you in a traditional classroom. 

Our classroom is behind a real bar at live events. That’s because we believe the best way to become an expert mixologist is by creating real cocktails for people to enjoy on the job. 

Everything we teach you is designed to give you practical skills that will make you a better bartender and the best way to do that is with hands-on training. We’ll be your mentors and guides every step of the way. 

If there’s a better way to learn bartending than training with pro bartenders in the weeds we haven’t found it. 

As an added bonus you’ll get to network with people from all walks of life at our events. That’s a priceless feature of our training program that a classic bartending course just can’t match. 

We develop expert mixologists with real skills not bland bartenders and that will allow you to earn more in tips and gratuities than any other course. 

how do i know if Toronto bar school's system is for me?

The answer is simple. Here’s the bottom line. 

If you’re driven, independent, motivated and outgoing then Toronto Bar School’s system is for you. 

Are you willing to learn in a fast paced environment and earn tons of cash? Then this training program is for you.

If you’re tired of spending money on expensive certificate programs that don’t teach you real usable skills, then this is the answer you’ve been looking for. 

Made Up Your Mind?

While personally, I love bartending, I recognize that it’s not for everyone. If you’ve decided that you’re ready for the challenge, why not begin your bartending training at Toronto Bar School?