Mixologist Training: Bar Tools

Knowing your Bar Means Knowing Your Tools

Shakers, jiggers and strainers, oh my!

An expert mixologist needs to know their bar tools. More importantly, they need to know how to use them. And this knowledge can’t come solely from the classroom. We provide real world experience to put this knowledge to good use. Your training will include, but not be limited to:

A cocktail shaker is one of the most common of all bar tools.


History. Types. Use.

The cocktail shaker is almost as old as alcohol itself. According to the Tales of the Cocktail Foundation, the cocktail shaker has origins as old as 7000 BC in South America. What we know as the modern shaker, however can be credited to George Foster in 1848. By the 1850s, this tool was standard in bars everywhere.

Its great for a mixologist to be able to rattle off the history of a cocktail shaker. It’s even better to rattle off an amazing drink from one. And its even BETTER to learn how to do this with live training.

A jigger is a bar tool that has precision in mind


A bar tool with precision in mind.

At the core of being a mixologist is creativity. With this desire to create and improvise comes the temptation to freehand things.

Being an expert mixologist means a stronger attention to detail. A jigger is a bar tool that has this in mind. It takes the guesswork out of crafting perfect cocktails.

Like many of the bar tools you will have at your disposal, you will learn much about both the origins and use of this device. And you’ll learn it while making real drinks at live events.


Keep the ice out of your cocktails

If you’ve made beverages beyond simple mixed drinks, you’ll recognize this bar tool. There are two common types of strainer: the Hawthorne or rim strainer which has a handle and two or more stabilizing prongs. The other is a julep strainer, which is shaped like a bowl with a handle that will tightly fit a mixing glass.

The goal of Toronto Bar School is to equip you on the functionality and use cases of these types of devices, and to do so both in and out of a classroom setting.

All of this knowledge will be put to the test on the dance floor! Ready to become an expert mixologist?

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