Mixologist Training: bar setup

Good Bar Setup can Make or Break Your Night

If you’ve ever been weeded with a bad bar setup, you know why.

The highest earning mixologists have a firm grasp of bar setup. The reason for this is simple: preparation makes things go smoothly, and when things go smoothly, your guests will love you and tip you better. With a blend of classroom and live-fire exercises, you will learn things essential to good bar setup such as:

Inventory Check

You can’t prepare what you don’t have.

The first and most essential step to bar setup is knowing what product you have on hand. This can literally make or break a night. If you’ve tended bar and run out garnishes or lemon slices, it can send things into a tailspin. With a blend of classroom and live fire training, we will make sure that you know how to prepare inventory for any event.

bar setup for a mixologist requires being on top of inventory counts


Liquor, wine and beer counts are crucial to bar setup.

You know the guest count. You know the cocktail menu. You know how much time you have to prepare. But…do you know how much liquor you have to serve? Are your beer levels where they need to be? Do you have enough bottles of wine you have on hand? Good bar setup requires all of this to be taken care of in advance. Being a master mixologist means that you can do this stuff in your sleep. And, it’s exactly what we will prepare you to do at Toronto Bar School.

Knowing how a bar is setup, is important to bar setup

Bar Functions

Knowing your bar layout is critical to good bar setup.

As an expert mixologists, you will find yourself in a variety of bars or bar settings. The bar setup at each location is likely to be different. Do you know where your beer taps are, and how fast they dispense? Where are the coolers? Do you have an ice maker or will you have to consistently refill throughout the night? Where will your garnishes and other inventory be kept? These are questions you’ll need to ask at every event you do. At Toronto Bar School, we will prepare you for this with classroom and live fire training.

All of this knowledge will be put to the test on the dance floor! Ready to become an expert mixologist?

this is your path to mastery

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