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We build better mixologists. And we hire them on!

In our experience, classroom training isn’t enough. We want to prepare you to “dance” And the best way to learn to dance, is to get on the dance floor.

All Mixologists are Bartenders, But Not All Bartenders are Mixologists
We train mixologists
We train mixologists at Toronto Bar School

Mention the term “mixologist” nowadays, and most people will give you the side-eye. For many, mixologists are merely glorified bartenders, as if the two terms could always be used interchangeably. Perhaps this aversion stems from the overuse of the word, especially in media and self-promotion. However, that’s not to say there is no difference between a bartender and a mixologist.

We often get asked what the difference is between a bartender and a mixologist. The difference can be compared to the quality of the drink being prepared. Most bartenders can prepare simple drinks like a cranberry soda. We will prepare you for much more. 

A mixologist is the one who designs the cocktail menu, making sure it’s all about the season-appropriate drinks. They also prepare the house made ingredients such as syrups, bitters, tinctures and anything else that may be required for a custom cocktail menu.

These are the skills you will learn from Toronto Bar School. We don’t want to simply train you, you’ll actually get to work at lucrative events around the Greater Toronto Area to put this knowledge to work!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get rolling!

About Us

Looking to stand out in the industry?

Mixologists stand out in the industry

Toronto Bar School was born out of a desire to produce better bartenders. If that’s your desire, we will help you on your jouney.

Hi, we are Toronto Bar School. Our industry experience comes from owning and operating a highly successful bartender rental service in the GTA for the last 6 years. In our time in this business, we have have hired countless bartenders for the events we have worked and noticed a common theme: a deep need for better training. The best clients are those who understand an appreciate the need for mixologists. That’s my mission: to train and equip mixologists to work at the lucrative events we work hard to get.

What Does Training With Toronto Bar School Entail?

Training to be a mixologist means mastering product knowledge

Product Knowledge

Liquor varieties. Beer varieties. Wine varieties.

Most of this can be learned from a basic training course. However, none of it matters without experience. We take a hands-on approach. You can’t learn to dance without getting on the dance floor!

Bar setup is essential to mixologist training.

Bar Setup

Inventory check. Level counts. Ice.

If you’ve ever been “weeded” without these essentials, you know how much of a nightmare it is. We will prepare you with “live fire” training to avoid these tense scenarios.

Glassware knowledge is essential to mixologist training


Highball glasses. Champagne flutes. Shot glasses.

Knowing the full range of glass types as a mixologist can be daunting. Book learning is great, but you have to get “in the weeds” to really have a grasp of the skill set.

Becoming an expert mixologist means mastering your bar tools.

Bar Tools

Shakers, Jiggers and Strainers, Oh My!

A firm grasp of one’s bar tools is what separates the bartenders from the mixologists. It’s not about knowing your tools, it’s knowing how to use them.

Mastering methods and techniques is what makes a master mixologist.

Methods and Techniques

Build it. Stir it. Shake it.

These are the three simple ways to make a cocktail. This is all well and good, but the real knowledge comes from getting on the dance floor.


They will remember how you made them feel.

Great service isn’t about just meeting needs. It’s about anticipating and exceeding them. Good service is at the core of being a good mixologist.


What Our Guests Say

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